Teaching My Oldest Son How to Hit a Baseball

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Teaching my son to hit a baseball was exciting and fun.  However, it takes a lot of patience and a big yard.  We also had concerns about his vision (he had corrective surgery for amblyopia, and wears glasses).  However, it was an opportunity to spend more time with him, and he loves baseball.  Here’s how we did it.

1.  Figure out what he likes.  He really liked hitting the ball, but I also wanted him to work on catching and throwing (he’s got a rocket for an arm).  We would practice hitting the ball, but I would also tell him that we need to make time for catching & throwing.  This evolved to fielding (he loves throwing ground balls back at Daddy).  By letting him look forward to the “fun” thing, he doesn’t get burned out when he’s having a bad day.

2.  Carve out time at least two or three times a week.  No secret, but excuses find a way to come out.  Don’t let them.  You’ve got to do this, or else all the other advice won’t work.

3.  Be patient.  Your kid’s not going to get it right away.  You’ve got to be patient—both for yourself and for your kid.  Don’t get upset, and don’t get frustrated, even if you’re on Strike 50.

4.  Wildly celebrate everything.  Once your kid knows that you’re really into it, he’s going to try harder.  If you have a lukewarm reaction, then your kid’s going to sense it and stop having fun.

I hope these tips help you!  Good luck!


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