A Family Man’s Guide to Cooking & Grilling: Scrambled Eggs & Cheese

It’s breakfast time on Sunday morning, and kids are bouncing off the walls.  Here’s a simple scrambled eggs & cheese recipe I read in Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, or some other men’s magazine a couple years back.  It worked for me, I hope it works for you.  

1.  Ingredients: 

-Eggs:  I never use egg beaters, or any of that stuff.

-Milk:  You can use whole, skim, or 1-2%.  Our family uses 1%, and it’s been fine.

-Shredded Cheese:  I use whatever Mom’s got in the fridge, but usually it’s cheddar, Monterey Jack, or Colby.  Doesn’t matter—hopefully it’s not skim milk—ugh!

2.  Heat your pan to medium.  I use a cast-iron pan, because once it’s nice & warm, I don’t need to keep spraying it with Pam.  No secret here, but you want to make sure that your cookware is waiting for you—not the other way around.  Also, make sure it’s not set too high or you’ll burn your food.

3.  Mixing ingredients.  Crack the eggs in your bowl.  For every 2 eggs, I add about ¼ cup milk, but it’s not always exact.  Beat them.  Beat the snot out of them.  Beat them until your arm is tired, and then beat them some more.  The article I read was actually an interview with James Caan, and the picture was of him holding a baseball bat.  Every time I make eggs, I think of that picture (James Caan is one of my all time heroes), and use it for motivation.

4.  Cooking.  By this time, (3-5 minutes), your pan should be nice and hot (not too hot).  To test, take a drop of water or two and splash it on the pan.  It should dance nicely, but not too much (this is a skill that you develop over time).  Lightly spray the pan with your cooking spray (you can take it off the stove top to do this).  Pour the eggs in the pan. 

5.  After about a minute, add the cheese.  I usually wait just a while before adding the cheese, but I’m not sure it really matters. 

6.  After about two minutes, take a fork and start scraping the eggs from the center of the pan to the edge, in all directions.  Keep doing this slowly, and methodically, until the eggs are completely cooked.  For some reason explained in the article (and forgotten by me), this works.  I never really remembered why, once I figured that it did work.

7.  Take the eggs off the stove & serve!  Hopefully, your kids will ask you for more.  Enjoy!

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