The 3Rd Commandment – Profanity or Entertainment!

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“You must not misuse the name of the Lord your God. The Lord would not let you go unpunished if you misuse his name.” Exodus 20:7 (New Translation)

Most people believe that the 3rd commandment means that the name of God should not be used as a swear word or profanity, if you do use it in that way, you are in direct disobedience of God’s 3rd commandment. Yes, but it goes much deeper than just that.

Our Daily Speech The use of God’s name in our daily lives has become the norm. It is widely used; more than the normal swear word we are used to. Nobody blinks when it is mentioned in a general conversation. It has become part of speech and people often curse as an expression. What do Christians do when we hear this? Do we confront the person or do we ignore and pretend we did not hear anything? If it is the last mentioned we should seriously look at ourselves and ask whether we are embarrassed to serve God. If you do not know how to handle the situation follow this very effective tip:

Call the person on his/her name and then look away. Keep doing this until the person becomes irritated. Call the person aside to avoid embarrassment as it will only make them aggressive and put them in a defence mode. Tell them that God feels the same way if His name is called, but He is not spoken to! This really work and will make them think.

If you do not use God’s name in vain, but you are watching movies where it is misused then think again.

The Media Movie makers rate their movies by putting a parental guidance logo on the movies. Telling us exactly whether there is violence, nudity or language, but does language include Blasphemy? No! The only way to find out if a movie is suitable for a Christian family is to watch it. You will need to do research on Christian review sites to see if it is acceptable. Many Christian families do not have access to the Internet and have to learn the hard way. They need to pay for it and then end switching it of when the movie is at its peak, wasting their money. The point is if you watch these movies you are agreeing that it is acceptable. This is a vicious circle and the only people smiling are the movie makers and the evil forces around us. Huge amounts of cash are generated. They do not see anything wrong with it. Some people even call it “only entertainment”, but how can we agree on entertainment like this, it is blasphemy in its purest form. Another problem Christian parents now face is the movies they make for kids. If you thought that it is safe for them to watch, think again. A good example is “The Incredibles, Aliens in the Attic, Bedtime Stories” and many more. Be careful when you rent a movie. Rather look for Christian reviews before you allow them to watch it. What if we are watching television instead? That is the worst. The drama and reality shows are loaded with swearing and blasphemy. It is atrocious. Do we burn our television sets and rather stick to books?

Books Why are publishers printing books where God’s name is misused? The media, whether it is printed, radio or television will always offer the masses what they want! The only way to stop this is to stop supporting them. Do not buy, rent or read anything that’s using our Creator’s name in vain.

What are we doing? We modernise everything. We constantly try to change God to fit our perfect little worlds. We translate the original Bible successfully and then keep changing it to make it fit our circumstances. In this process, we lose the real meaning of God’s perfect word. He said very clearly not to add or take away, but we ignore it. We create food with all the chemicals needed to make it last longer, just for the sake of convenience. We take God out of our schools and Governments. We legalise abortion in the name of convenience and with our Government’s approval! We then ask what has happened to our world. Where did we go wrong? Humans are creating their own destruction. The Bible as we used to know it is our Blueprint of life, and we choose to ignore the rules, now we are suffering the consequences. We can’t change the world immediately, but we can teach our children the truth.


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