Villa Dubrovnik – Holidays at The Most Beautiful City of The Croatian Coastline

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In south Croatia, directly at the Adriatic Sea, you can find the beautiful city Dubrovnik. It is on top of a rising hill and surrounded by the sea at three sides. Nowadays the historic city centre is car-free and was nominated to a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1979. 1980 it was declared a historic monument. Often Dubrovnik is called “Pearl of the Adriatic Sea” or “Croatian Athens” because it is one of the most pictorially cities of the Mediterranean Area and for this reason one of the centres of tourism.

Dubrovnik possesses art treasures and sights of global grade. One of the most beautiful sights of Dubrovnik is the city wall. It has a length of 1940 metres, a width of 6 metres and is freed for going for a walk completely. In Europe it is the best preserved building of this type, including a wonderful preserved arrangement of different buildings from all eras of the history of the city, beginning with the first constructions in the seventh century.

Lovely is also the main promenade, called “Stradun”, furthermore the church of Saint Blasius, the custom house, the cathedral, the three big friaries, the city hall and the palace of the prince. Also a very nice place is of course the so-called Roland-column.

The oldest pharmacy of Europe is in the Franciscan friary since 1317. But just going for a walk in the romantic alleys and pictorially places in Dubrovnik can bring a lot of happiness to you.

During vacation in this city there are a lot of possibilities of accommodation. A very attractive and practicable one is for example to stay in a Villa Dubrovnik. You are very flexible, have your own kitchen and can plan your days without thinking about fixed times. There are many villas at attractive places and with great interior. Holidays in a Villa Dubrovnik means for you revival of your soul, feeling good, enjoying the sun at the beach and discovering Croatian culture. There are no better places for stressless holidays with discovering history and culture than here in Dubrovnik.


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