Who Is The Ugliest Celebrity In The World?

She had numerous interviews and photos taken documenting her transformation that defies the safety of plastic surgery. She is a skilled hunter and pilot from Switzerland and fortunate enough to marry a billionaire art collector. No doubt why her spendings in a month reach to a million. Being rich Jocelyn is famous in tabloids and travels a lot. She is rich and famous on her regards and society hails her as one important personality. She is a celebrity.

When she turned 50 after ten years of marriage her husband Alec Wildenstein who owns a castle in Switzerland, maintains a huge ranch, owns the biggest art dealership in the world and run an expensive mansion in Manhattan  turned eyes to other women making Jocelyn very jealous. That prompted her to turn to plastic surgery having the money to maintain her youth and beauty. Her first surgery was not that extensive but addiction to beauty made her want to look perfect. Every part of her face that needs improvement made her go under the knife. She had botox of the forehead, frown lines were corrected together with crow’s feet. She had browlifts, cheek implants, mid face lift. Also lips plumbing injections together with chin augmentation and more facelifts. It was told she spent about 4 million dollars for her surgery. But what happened is revealed in a short video I made to see the difference  and the effects of too much procedures.

All over the world she is known as “The Lion Queen” or “The Bride of Wildenstein”. If you look at her photos she really resembles that of a lion or a cat. Her face looks so feline that she’s called


catwoman. But her breeding reigns, no doubt. Still, she gets to travel a lot and hubnub with the rich and famous where she belongs.

Her experience spread like fire and created fear to those who are thinking of going into the procedure. Surgeons discussed the dilemna she faced and forums dominated online asking careful suggestions and ways to better the skill. This is an eye opener that money is not guarrantee to achieve all the desires of your heart. Yes, money doesn’t guarrantee failure.

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