Table Setting Ideas

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Pick A Theme

One of the simpler ways to create a table setting is to choose a theme to use. Add plates, napkins, cups, silverware and decorations to match. Incorporate all parts of theme into the table setting. A theme gives a starting point and has a clear and defined idea of what to do with the table setting. For example, choose an era inspired theme and use tableware that matches accordingly. Pick popular flowers, toys or items from that time period.

Choose Contrasting Colors

Pick contrasting colors and apply to the entire table setting. If decorating for a holiday, pick colors that are part of that holiday and use by coordinating them together with all the tableware and arrangements. Or choose shades of the same color to arrange on the table. There are so many choices in party ware now that the options are endless. Shapes can be added into this mix as well by coordinating colors and shapes together. Not to mention, that unusual shapes can be used too, to add dimension and an interesting twist to the standard tableware available. Such as stripes and polka dots mixed together in coordinating colors. Or use square glasses and plates and oddly shaped silverware too. Shapes can also be in the form of images and things too.

Use What You Like

Think about what you like or what your favorite items are. If you really enjoy flowers, create a theme around all natural flowers and bouquets on the table. Use the flowers in vases and floating flowers in bowls. Place around the centerpiece and use complimentary colors for the rest of the tableware. Or if Asia is a favorite place, create a theme with Asian inspired colors, lettering and designs.


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