Common Everyday Safety Reminders

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Crime, tragedies and accidents happen every day and most are preventable, so it is important that a reminder to be safe, have some common sense and be aware be given to each of us.


Our children are most precious to us and every parent can testify to this.  Three good rules of thumb on keeping our children safe are, never let them out of your sight, teach them what to do in case of an emergency and talk to them about stranger danger.


Our home is the number one place we spend most of our time, so we should make it the safest place and educate ourselves in every aspect of home safety.

List of important phone numbers

Make an emergency phone list of, Police, Fire, Ambulance and trusted neighbors.  Keep the list in a location anyone could easily see near the phone. 

Play equipment

Do not allow your child to tie anything around their neck.  Keep all garden hoses, string, ropes or anything that could fit around their neck away from play equipment to prevent accidental hanging.  

Protecting your home from intruders and thieves

Proper lighting inside and around the outside of your home is vital.  Timer lights inside gives the appearance someone is always home, whether you are or not.  Motion detection lighting outside not only is a deterrent to thieves but also gives light to those who need it.  Small night-lights in hallways, bathrooms and the kitchen give enough light to prevent injuring yourself when trying to see in the dark. 

Poisons and chemicals

Take extra precautions when storing poisons, flammable liquids and cleaning chemicals because they can produce invisible vapors harmful to humans.  Store them away from of the living area in a locked cabinet in a garage and out of the reach of small children.

Swimming pool

Take all the essential precautions to keep your pool area safe.  Put alarms on your back door if you have small children, have proper gates that self-close and keep life saving equipment nearby.  Do not allow small children near the pool alone and do not allow or expect an older preteen to watch a younger child while swimming.


There are volumes already written about driver safety and obeying the rules of the road.  However, sometimes we forget or we are too much in a hurry and end with a hard reminder when the Police stop us and issue a warning or citation.  Drive safely, obeys the rules of the road, always were your seat belt and be courteous to other drivers.

Protect yourself and your valuables

Crime happens every day to unsuspecting people who forget there are criminals out there just waiting for an opportunity.  Protect yourself and your treasures by not leaving anything visible in your car for a thief to break in and steal.

Keep your purse zipped up and wallet in a secure pocket.  Do not carry your entire life in your wallet or purse in case it is stolen or lost.  Carry only two credit cards and no more cash then you are willing to lose.  There is no reason to carry ten credit cards, hundreds or thousands of dollars in your wallet.

Do not walk alone at night and be aware of your surroundings.  Do not talk with strangers who approach you asking for change, the time or directions.  This often time are a ploy to get you into a vulnerable position to take advantage of you.

Do not give out your personal information or send strangers money promising jobs.  There is no way on earth someone promising you a job would send you an advance paycheck of $3,000.00 dollars asking you to deposit it into your account, keep $900.00 for yourself and have you send back the rest.  Be aware there are countless swindles, frauds and scams on the Internet and on Craig’s list.


For the most part, we are safe and nothing happens to us.  We live a good quality life, and we experience very few misfortunes happening to us.  However, these are desperate times for some people who are resorting to unthinkable acts of taking advantage of unsuspecting and trusting victims.

Think safety.  Think protection.  Think smart. 

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