Its easy to grow huge potatoes in very little space

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Growing beautiful potatoes is easy. Take all those old tires in the shed and drag them out. Be careful and watch for spider webs. We don’t want anyone to be bitten by a spider.

Now, mix up some compost and soil. Locate a nice partly sunny location in your yard or garden and place one tire down and fill it with your compost and soil mix.

Take your sprouted spuds and cut them into chunks allowing for at least 2 sprouts (some people call these “eyes”) per chunk.  Now plant them with one chunk in the center of the tire and 4 around it nearer to the edges.

Now throw another tire on top of the first one and repeat the process.  Keep stacking your ties in this fashion and filling them with compost and potato chunks until you have them stacked 3 or 4 ties high. Then begin another stack.

Wateryour potatoes from the top tire down. Just keep the top  tire well watered and the water will filter down and water the other potatoes in the other tires.

Weed the top tire as needed and don’t worry about the others, the weeds will be choked out of the lower tires by the very fact that they are in the dark and don’t have access to the sun.

At the end of the growing season simply tip the tires over and harvest your newfound bounty. I filled 3 large wash tubs full of potatoes this way last year. I used 13 ties total. I didn’t do anything special to them, I used no fertilizer andI did very little weeding. It worked wonderfully.


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