Asain Carp Crisis Vs. Iraq War Crisis !

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What is a Void? The Merriam-Webster dictionary says, “A void is a spot that is empty, contains nothing.” “A void is a place that is deserted, not occupied, or vacant.” “A void is a spot that is without something specific.”

But enough of the technicalities, how does this apply to The Asian Carp Crisis in the fresh water of lake Michigan and the other parts of the Great lakes ? If the advancement of the carp are not stopped there will be a void in the food chain. The void will have a disastrous effect on the economies of many surrounding states. This will be a devastating economic blow to the Surrounding states of Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Snip – Remember the Great Lakes hold 30% of the fresh water on the Planet Earth.

The fishing industry in the State of Illinois has already suffered unparalleled financial damage. This economic wrath will continue to damage an already fragile United States economy. This action will expand to affect the world food supply in the same detrimental manor. I hope this comparison will raise the level of awareness to this crisis. I also hope I can help the U.S. Congress understand the urgency to take drastic actions now, to stop the migration of the Veracious food gorging predators. If the Asian Carp are allowed expand their population and continue to migrate, we are at the beginning of an epoch disaster! This disaster will be comparable to the recent earth quake in Haiti!

Snip – Remember the Asian Carp do not have any predators. This is another reason their population grows so rapidly. This unusually rapid growth will allow them to overtake the natural species that exist in the fresh water of the Great lakes.

Why do I so strongly believe If these fish are not eliminated Not only will this be an epoch disaster in the United States , but will affect the world food supply ?

To make this situation more clear I’m using the 1 to 10 Scale. The number one represents the birth of a species evolving and the number 10 will be reaching full adult maturity. This would be same as a baby born (#1) that lives a long full and healthy life till death (#10).

If the Asian Carp are allowed to get into Lake Michigan they will eat all the algae, plankton and other Micro species that they can. This is just their instinct to survive. The problem is algae, plankton and other Micro-organisms are the main food that is needed for the expansion of the Salmon and Walleye species. Also the Asian Carp multiply faster than other fish in the Great lakes Chain of lakes. They also grow faster than other species in the Great lakes. They grow larger than most other species in Lake Michigan. They will eat much more than other species. They can consume 40% of their body weight in one day. They can grow up to 100 Pounds. Therefore the Asian Carp population will become the dominate species over the very economically important Salmon and walleye species. They will continue to become more dominate in numbers. In other words they are skipping over their purpose in the food chain.

Snip – It was previously reported that, “Asian Carp are migrating because they are Heat Seeking Fish.”

This is not true. They are actually seeking cooler water and migrating northerly because they find more green algae, plankton and comparable sources of food in cooler water. They really don’t consume many fish in the food chain as previously believed. They are actually eliminating the food that other fish species need to survive. This is the Gut of the Asian Carp Crisis!

Anywayz let’s go back to the 1 to 10 Scale. So, how does this fit in with the Asian Carp invasion? For an example the Salmon as a species would not be making it to their full life cycle of a ten. This would leave a void in the range of 2 through 5.

You cannot get to the number 10 without the numbers 2 through 5!

What will this do to the massively valuable salmon population? They will be eliminated. What would this do to the comparable valuable Walleye fish species? They also would be eliminated. What will this do to a 7 Billion dollar sport fishing industry in the great lakes? That industry would also be eliminated. How many jobs would be lost? Many thousands of jobs, and jobs related to the sport fishing industry would be lost. Remember this is a 7 billion dollar annual industry. Is our current economy already in dire trouble because of unemployment? You betcha ! (Sorry, Sara Palin is just too easy to poke fun at).

So how does the 1 to 10 scale or my beginning to end scale apply to the Iraq War.?

Sadly it applies just the same as The Asian Carp Crisis. President Bush decided to start a national aggression of the United Sates of America against Afghanistan and Iraq. He said, “To eliminate the Taliban,” who he blamed for the Attack on New York City, The Twin Towers and The Pentagon Building and their occupants.

Since the Iraqi war began on 3-19-2003 there have been 3479 American young men and women killed in combat. Also another 901 Americans have lost their lives in non combat related deaths. But these later deaths would not have happen if there wasn’t a war going on. These Numbers are current as of writing this hub 3-8-2010. They are another 31,706 American Young men and women officially injured in this war. Most all of the injured younger adults will never lead a productive full life again. What are the results of this?

This leaves a huge void in our American Society as we have known it.

What are the children of these deceased and permanently maimed Young Americans going to do? My heart goes out to every one of them. What about the parents of these young Americans? They aren’t supposed to see their children die before they do. What about their grandparents? Many of the young Americans are even Dying before their grandparents. What About their brothers and Sisters? My heart goes out to all of these people. It just makes my heart so heavy! None of this seems like life should be this way.

In conclusion this is the same as the Asian Carp crisis. A huge void is being created between the numbers 2 through 5. Without 2 through five we cannot get to # 10. I felt the need to apologize for the heaviness of this Hub. But I can’t, because it does exist. But I do express my deepest sympathy to all Americans involved in this crisis who have suffered losses in many ways. And I also Pray for God’s blessings to come down on all of you.


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