Ways to Use Bushels in Farmville

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The feature of using bushels in FarmVille is very complex; bushels can be used for a lot of different tasks or bonuses in FarmVille.  Bushels can be used when planting and harvesting crops and also when creating goods in the new crafting cottages. Using bushels can put you at a great advantage in FarmVille.

Unlocking Crops

Especially when you are at a lower level, there are certain crops that you can not plant because you have not unlocked them yet.  For example, you must be level 90 to unlock forget-me-nots.  However, if you aquire a bushel of forget-me-nots from a neighbor, you can plant them now!  To unlock a crop you can not yet plant, simply click the “use” button under the bushel in the “My Bushels” section of your Farmer’s Market.  Once the bushel is activated, you have 2 hours to plant as many of that crop as you want.  When the bushel expires, you can no longer plant that crop anymore.

Gaining Masteries

If you are hoping to complete all the crop masteries available, you might realize that it is going to take you a long time!  However, you can cut that time in half if you have bushels for the crop you are trying to master.  Activating a bushel for a crop you have access to allows you to gain +1 extra mastery point for every plot you harvest.  To use this to your advantage, right before harvesting your crop, simply click the “use” button under the bushel in the “My Bushels” section of your Farmer’s Market.  Once the bushel is activated, you have 2 hours to harvest that crop.  When the bushel expires, you no longer get the +1 extra mastery point for that crop.

Making Goods

If you’ve started out with your crafting cottage (winery, spa, or bakery) yet, you know that there are definitely bushels involved!  Bushels are used to create the proper combinations for making a good.  Creating goods is done in the “Make” section of your crafting cottage.  You can figure out what you need for each good on the “Recipes” tab.  Each recipe will tell you how many you have of each bushel required verses how many you need for that recipe.  For example, it might say you have 3/4 pumpkin bushels needed to make pumpkin bread.  When you have 4/4 pumpkin bushels and 4/4 wheat bushels, then you can go ahead and make your pumpking bread!  The recipes are different for every crafting cottage.  When you make a good, you can share it with friends and when you use goods, you get fuel.

Sharing the Wealth

Currently, there is a limit of 100 bushels allowed in your Market Stall.  If you are getting close to the limit, or you just want to clear out your Market Stall, you can click the “Share” button under the bushel.  Then you can choose how many of that bushel you would like to share with your neighbors.  Then you can post to your wall for all your friends to see.  The number of bushels you share is subtracted from your total bushels.

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