Why Smart People Get Paid More!

Have you noticed it too?

The smarter people just seem to get paid more!

How can it be?

Is it really the truth?

Well, it certainly seems to hold true……

Wouldn’t you agree?

You go out to lunch with 1 of the more attractive co-workers, finish up the meal, and her file folder just happens to fall onto the table landing open.

What pleasantry are your eyes met with?

Yep, it’s there alright……

Plain as day……


And, to make it worse, your expression when you saw her pay stub clearly communicated that you do not come even close to your goddess co-worker in the earnings department!

Wow, it’s a tough one to deal with!

Well, I analyzed the whole “smart people get paid more” ordeal and found some interesting info!

My favorite kind of info!

Because I can pass it on to you……

And, we can all use it to get paid more too!

We can use this info to live a better life!

Are you with me?

Here we go……

Ultimately, smart people have a tendency to get paid more because of high levels of self confidence!

And, that’s about it!


Now that you are aware of this……

You can start to increase yours for some better income too!

That’s what you want, right?


Just how does this high confidence get the “smart” people “paid more?”

Well, if you look at each individual situation where the “smart” person is being paid a higher than typical rate, you may notice a pattern develop.

You may begin to notice that these “smart” people have a tendency to present themselves in a way in which their confidence in themselves comes through!

And, it comes through strong!

When confidence is shining through intensely, it is impossible not to notice.

Everyone around you is aware of your levels of confidence.

And, the people around you begin to respect your confidence in yourself!

People also have a tendency to respect you back at the same level you respect yourself!

When other people respect the confidence in you, they are in turn more confident that their “dealings” or “business” with you will be successful!

So, ultimately, the more confident you are in yourself……

The more others notice and respect it……

The more others are confident that their projects will be successful……

The more other people will want to get involved with you!

You may notice that……

Not only do you begin to get paid what the “smart” people do……

But, that people begin to treat you a little better all the way around!

Sounds like a good deal to me!

Now, what you might be wondering is…..

What if I don’t believe I’m a smart person?

Will I ever be able to get my confidence up to a high enough level to be treated better?

What hope is there for me?

Well, I have a positive answer for you…..

There is hope!

You can start living smarter too!

Learn the tips smart people use in their daily lives!

Use these smart tips too!

Free info from smart people, who can beat that?

That’s free info to living a more productive, effective, efficient, fulfilling, better life!

I don’t know about you, but……

I’ll take it!

Lisa Kai Lee is a 30 year old wife living with her husband in the Los Angeles area. Lisa Kai Lee has a website www.lisakailee.com that is filled with useful information that you just might need to know someday! SMART TIPS FOR SMART PEOPLE  Visit and subscribe!!!

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