Writing Poetry IS Easy

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Actually writing the poem is indeed something that’s easy. Why do I say easy? I state the fact easy to write poetry because it is.

Try to look around and notice you! Young children, teenagers, to adults, everyone can write poetry. We wrote a series of beautiful words, full of meaning, and useful, it has been writing poetry.

Children aged seven to twelve years old could write a poem when getting assignment from the teacher. When these kids get a school assignment to write a simple poem, the children are able to do it.

Adolescents at school or at home, also can make poetry. Especially if these teenagers are in love, then they direct scholars to write poetry! Adults can make a poem for various purposes, eg to make a song lyric.

Then how to write poetry that we had qualified? Yes, that’s an important question. When we realize that poetry, or writing a poem is not the origin of a series of beautiful words. Writing poetry is a form of self expression using beautiful words full of meaning.

So that we can write poetry well, then we must diligently every day to write poetry. tips are always training with how to write a poem every day. if we keep practicing, then we become trained. if already trained, then we will be able to write poetry in quality.


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