17 Best Ways to Generate Your Sales!

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1.      Plan your marketing and advertise selectively.

2.      Find places where your target audience comes together.

3.      Make your site reliable and organized for the public.

4.      Have an ‘about us’ page and give clear details of actions your visitors are required to take.

5.      Create an extra income stream for your business by selling advertising space in your e-zine and also on your site.

6.      Catch the attention of subscribers to your free e-zine by offering them free bonuses like e-books and other good incentives.

7.      Keep things that are related to the subject matter of your site.

8.      Let your email messages have a personal touch.

9.      Seize peoples notice fast by addressing them by name.

10. Give your know-how or consulting as an extra benefit.

11.  Enhance the value of your products with a free consultation.

12.  Maintain your offers adaptable.

13. In case you have fixed a price for any of your product, offer an optional payment plan for those who do not have enough money to purchase it.

14. Multiply your income by focusing on minor issues.

15.  Improving minor things like font, color and graphics can actually create an encouraging change.

16. Use money on targeted marketing instead of mass marketing.

17. Save your advertisement dollars on people who are interested.


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