The Colors of The Fall Season

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The fall seasons takes place in the Great North in Canada and the United States of America and probably in Greenland.  The Great North and Greenland are lands that belonged in the beginning to the aboriginal or native populations for example the Ojibwe in Canada, the Mohawk in the United States of America and the Esquimo in Greenland.  Canada, the United States of America as well as Greenland are lands that are still free where there is enough room to contain many populations.  So, it is not very urgent to undertake missions to visit other planets to see if there is land or not suitable for men and women as well as children to live on.  Greenland is special in a sense that it belonged in the past to Canada and Sweden and now is part of Denmark. 

Therefore, it is interesting to come to these countries in the fall season to experience the Indian summer.  That is when the leaves become red, brown, black, grey and yellow.  The flag of Canada has a leaf in the middle.  The maple leaf tree is a tree from Canada from which you can make sugar.  That is an important industry in Quebec, the biggest Francophone province of Canada.  There is also the maple leaf sirop that you can put on pan cakes and make a very good breakfast.  The red color reminds of the maple leaf.  That means it is also a food and red is also the symbole of blood.  The yellow color is also close to mustard a spice that comes from France.  There is an important Francophone and Irish community in Quebec.

The fact that Great North is close to the Artic makes it a country because it is not far from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland a bilingual country for example.  French and English are mandatory in Canada just as Spanish and American are in the State of Puerto Rico in the United States of America.  Populations also appreciate Canada, the United States of America and Greenland because they are cosmopolitan countries.  In these countries the opinion of the populations counts and the market research companies work hard to improve the products that are produced on the market.  This is still hard to do in under developped countries and you have to feel free and open.

It is also during the fall season that Thanksgiving day is celebrated.  This feast has a good name because on that day populations are thankful to live in Canada and the United States of America the lands of the free.  On that day it is also the time for forgiveness but not for forgetting.  That is why friendship is very important in these countries especially to have peace of mind for yourself and for others. 

Thus, it is urgent to consider the fall season because they are people who feel depressed at that time.  It is also a time to celebrate Halloween and there are people who still consider sugar is taboo.  There is an image of sugar which is that it helps to bear female instead of male children.  People who consumer too much sugar can have diabetes and this can be very tricky because not having enough sugar can make you depressive because you do not have enough energy.

So, the fall season is a time of reflection even if there are colors that disturb some people like the yellow and grey colors.  Some people do not like to be reminded about the sunshine which yellow or the seniors which is symbolized by grey.  We all like one day to go to the beach and have some sunshine for example in Los Angeles or Vancouver, and we all like snow by the fire listening to the stories of our grandparents and learning how the Esquimo build their homes called Igloos.


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