10 Ways to Pamper Yourself

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As women we wear many hats; a mom, a wife, a business woman, or a volunteer. We carry the world on our shoulders and sometimes we don’t always take care of ourselves. Although we know we should, we never seem to find time. But it’s important that we make time. If we aren’t in tip top shape we can’t be very productive in our families or in our careers. Here is a list of things that we can do to pamper ourselves and help us to feel better.

1. Read-Curling up with a good book is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of our lives. Whether you choose a romance novel or a biography it’s nice to slip into someone else’ shoes and someone else’s life.

2. Eat Out-Because women are generally responsible for making the family meals we need and deserve a break once in a while. Get dressed up, make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, and treat yourself to a quiet dinner alone.

3. Shopping-When we become moms we are usually the last one to shop for. Our kid’s needs come before our own. Well this would be a perfect time to go to the mall and buy a new outfit or anything else that we’ve had our eye on but never bought.

4. Spa-A day at the spa is like a little slice of heaven. Getting a manicure, a pedicure, a haircut and style, or a personal massage can really help us feel like a brand new woman. Not only will we feel good we’ll look good too.

5. Overnight Get Away-Waking up to a quiet house is a thing of the past when you have a husband and children. So getting away is just what you need to relax. Check into a bed and breakfast or another nice get away spot, and you’ll have peace and quiet. You can go to bed when you want and sleep in until check-out time.

Because we get so busy and are pulled in different directions, we should all make it a point to pamper ourselves. It doesn’t mean that we have to go out every week or even every month, but we should schedule a little “me” time. Go to a spa, have a nice dinner, or do everything on this list, but give yourself time to rest and relax. You’ll not only have a good time but you’ll feel great.


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