Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners – Do Your Own Comparison

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Swimming pool vacuum cleaners are a pure necessity these days, which in one time were an accessory. These vacuum cleaners are designed to perform their own tasks, which of course, vary. Due to the variation in their work, their style, their features, their facilities, all vary too. The type of work that they carry out also varies from cleaner to cleaner.

Now, in these days of technology, you would not expect to carry out the work manually, will you? So, these automated pool cleaners, save you enough time, money and energy. But after all, which are those types on which vacuum cleaners function? In this article, we will take a look at the ‘Robotic Automatic’ and the ‘Automatic Suction-Side’.

The first and the most common, is the robotic automatic pool cleaners. As the name suggests, these work like a common robot that you have seen on TV. It is the one that is the most preferred by. So, if you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner for your pool, it is advisable to go for this one. These are really smart pool cleaners, as they ‘understand’ how your swimming pool is, what its shape is etc. all this is possible due to a computer chip that comes with most of such vacuum cleaners.

They carry out things apart from the usual ones, like filtering and improving water circulation etc as it supplements the basic pump system working with your pool. These swimming pool vacuum cleaners however have two major and really huge drawbacks even in these days. The first one, as far as cleaning is concerned, is that, it just does not remove the bigger shaped leaves that have fallen in the swimming pool. It sounds bizarre. The second downside is, they are pretty difficult to repair.

Another type of pool cleaner is the automatic suction-side. It sucks, and helps in clearing the unwanted contents of the swimming pool. On the way, it also rubs and washes the walls of the pool as well. However, if you have planted trees around the pool, then using the automatic suction-side is of no use. The leaves and the foliage that get accumulated in the pool, is going to find its way to the garbage basket inside the cleaner. This is harmful for the life of the vacuum cleaner.

Both have their own advantages and drawbacks. Having known both, it would be easy to choose either of the swimming pool vacuum cleaners.

Daniel Stevens is a proud consultant of swimming pool vacuum cleaners. For years, he had brought the current trends on the market and its latest products in the web today. Find out more on his tips at Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners to get your free tips and guides.


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