MSN’s Virtual Model-Modeling and Shopping in 3 Easy Steps

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Virtual Assisting, Virtual Meetings, and Virtual Employment are pretty common when it comes to business but I just found a Virtual Model that can be used for shopping. It is user friendly and you can shop in these three easy steps.

1. Create a user account-You don’t have to have a Hotmail or MSN email account to utilize the Virtual Model. All you have to do is think of a unique user name and password, and like most registrations you have to pick a reminder question and answer, and finally enter your personal email account information.

2. Create Your Model-After registering you start creating your model. You start by choosing your body type which gives you three options. The first one is an hour glass figure, the second larger on top and thinner on bottom, and then the last is thinner on top and larger on the bottom. You then start filling in your measurements by using the US, Metric, or Imperial (UK) measuring systems. Add your height, weight, bust, and waist size. This part is great because if you can’t judge accurately it allows you to adjust your figure by zooming in or out. Then it’s on to the features; eyes, nose, and lips. Here you can also make things more accurate by adjusting the features to make you more mature, lengthening or broadening your nose, giving fuller lips, or changing the shape of your eyes. The last step in creating your model is hair color and style. There are six colors to choose from and 12 hairstyles to choose from. When you’ve completed this step you save your model and then you can start shopping.

3. Shopping-The first step in shopping is picking the style of top. You can choose from athletic, tank, halter, t-shirts, sweaters, polo, crew, v-neck, cardigans, and wrap shirts. Once you select the top you want simply click it and you’ll be given several different colors and brands to choose from. There is quite a selection of stores and all the items are marked with the purchase price. You then drag your top to the model and it will be loaded onto her. You can then choose pants, accessories, outerwear, lingerie, swim wear, sleepwear, socks, scarves, wraps, and handbags. Like before you choose the items you want, drag, and then drop onto the model. Once you’ve decided on the outfit or items that you want, you can start your purchase.

The Virtual Model is available on and is probably one of the coolest things to use especially for the gal that’s on the go.



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