How to Live Positively

Or 10 most important principles of positive thinking.What distinguishes pessimist and optimist? Can be given many explanations. One of them, which in this case we did a good job … Surely you’ve heard of glass – whether it is half full or half empty?! That is the difference – ones always find reason to move, and others (also) always find a reason to turn back.

Here are some guidelines that can help you see things correctly, ie the glass before you actually not half empty and half full.

1. Most negative thoughts occur because of incorrect interpretation of a given situation.

However, whether the facts are cause for pessimism you are correct? Are you sure you judge others fairly? Can you imagine the worst without actually have reason to think this way? Try to change your attitude and things in a positive direction.

2. Take log of thoughts.

It highlight the main thoughts and circumstances that provoke them. For example, if you get mad at the office, consider why and save it. Consider your emotional reaction. It would help if you explore what situations you provoke negative or positive reactions. Regularly re-read the diary to outline the picture of your emotions and do the self that become more positive.

3. Change your perception.

By developing the way you imagine different things will feel much better in terms of themselves and life.

For example, if you offended your partner, imagine that it is a little child who needs a hug. If you feel angry by a colleague, imagine it with a silly hat. If the weather is horrible, imagine a sunny day.

4. One way to achieve long-term positive attitude is to ask yourself why you think negatively.

Whether you are afraid of what might happen in your life – to be forwarded from a friend, to lose their jobs to be split with your partner? The answer is to stand face to face with fear and imagine what you did and how you handle it, if something really happened. Once you stand in front of his fear, it will automatically find it less scary and you will feel more confident to handle.

5. Using constructive language can eliminate negative thoughts. Recognize words that you use.Instead of thinking: “I can not, tell her:” I “. Rather than say sorry, say that next time will do.Instead you think this is horrible, think of the possibilities contained in a given situation.

6. Learn to control strong negative emotions.

If you feel bad, does not suppress the feeling, nor his Render – instead of dealing with it through exercise. Calm yourself, try to focus on pleasant thoughts. Talk about your feelings with a friend or seek a therapist.

7. Optimists load of good things that happen while the poor give to the circumstances, chance or error.

Although it must bear responsibility for what happens in our lives, if something goes wrong, do not take all the blame on myself. Focus on your successes and acknowledge its own merits for the good things in your life.

8. Will have a positive outlook on life if you spend most of their time doing things you hate.

If you do not like work – change in January If your relationship makes you more miserable – stop in January Find time each day for activities that give you joy and make you feel good.

9. Do not let small problems to escalate and become larger. Immediately stop the fall in the gap, and inject a little positivism in the situation. Do something small, which are sure to succeed – something I’ve done many times and no way to go wrong – it may be even a cup of coffee cake, a letter to a friend clean up the kitchen … Leave a feeling of something done to your raise to the next higher step to success.

10. Studies have shown that the more you find meaning in life, the easier it will be able to be a positive person.

This does not necessarily mean religious faith, but means that you still have a sense of plan, purpose, meaning of life. Take time to think about why you are in this world and leave a sense of purpose and meaning to guide you.

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