Apple Iphone 4G- Overview And Features

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Since the first production release in June 2007, the iPhone has been popular for phone enthusiasts around the world. Now, three years later the buzz about a 4th generation iPhone is equivalent – if not more – for the first iPhone. Consumers that bought each of the three previous models is looking forward to the Apple iPhone 4G and its potentially new features that could change what we know about smart phones. Those few that wanted to wait for a newer version range are enthusiastically encompassing the release rumors for the iPhone 4G, which believed to occur sometime between the end of May and the first week of June.

What’s causing such a stir among iPhone fans? Why is there so much hype about the iPhone 4G? It could have a lot to do with the upgrades and preliminary features that Apple plans to continue to this new generation. It is rumored that Apple will be introducing exclusive features in the creation of the iPhone 4G. Many of these features are not yet available in
other smart phones and touch screen phones.

In the iPhone hardware, new features might include such things as video calling, double storage capacity, and a dual core processor. The possibility of adding an OLED touch screen has also appeared among the various rumors about the Apple iPhone 4G. The OLED touch screen is the paradigm that is made from organic compounds. Additionally, a 3.2 megapixel camera, removable battery, and GPS have been highly desired features in previous iPhone generations, and may be implemented into the 4G version.

There are quite a few other rumors floating around about the Apple iPhone 4G. Quite a few design mockups have been sighted – some created by Apple’s development team and others created by enthusiasts. Overall, it seems that minimally surface designs will be similar to the 3G but about 10% thinner. Other improvements may include a change to the SIM card tray, better Push support, and possibly Adobe Flash capabilities.

The Apple iPhone could already be in real life testing phases right now even though it has not been long since the release of the 3G. Some rumors state that Verizon and Apple are teamed up to examine the compatibility of the iPhone 4G with Verizon’s 4G wireless signals.
It seems we should all just wait and see.


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