20 Rules For Better Eating

Even if you believe that you have done anything to eat properly, maybe some detail, however, you escaped. Here are some basic rules that would help improve their eating habits yet, and they will repay – immediate or delayed:

1. Drink more water! It contains no sugar, caffeine or fat in the composition of most soft drinks or milk. Furthermore, water helps to purge the body and improve the functioning of the digestive system, and it is also useful for skin health.

2. Prepare grill meat instead of frying it. This will reduce the fat content, but will not affect the taste.

3. Instead of chips or wafers better eat some fresh fruit if you’re hungry between meals.

4. In winter soup cook different vegetables: potatoes, onions, celery, leeks, carrots. In combination with toasted bites it is very suitable for lunch or first course for dinner.

5. Do not eat the same meal twice daily. Alternate as rice or mashed potatoes with steamed vegetables.

6. Choose pizza with tomatoes, red peppers and other vegetables. The cheese is also good to be energy-restricted.

7. Replace products with more vegetables. For example, when preparing pasta, replace the mince with vegetables.

8. Instead of cream, use yogurt – it is low fat.

9. Experiment, try different types of bread, fruit and vegetables and thus your diet will be diversified.

10. Eat at least 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. One serving equals one slice of fresh fruit or watermelon salad bowl or cup of fruit juice.

11. Breakfast must be strengthened and you give a good start to the day to appear not to temptation croissant or something.

12. Dinner should not be too late. The body fails to process the fat taken at bedtime if you are too late supper.

13. Do not forget to walk! It helps the body to process food.

14. And enhance the taste of dishes with various seasonings: fresh or dried, or lemon juice.They contain no fat and are much more useful than salt.

15. Do not be afraid to experiment in cooking! Home-cooked food is healthier than manufactured foods.

16. Not worth it to completely deny yourself of sweet. Complete restriction of something will make you hate eating.

17. Not going through a lot if you have broken a rule – just once again return to a balanced diet.

18. Try to engage all family members in healthy eating. Let your children help in cooking. This will become a useful habit for them.

19. Before you go to meet friends in a bar, eat a sandwich, a small portion of spaghetti or banana. This will help the body cope with alcohol.

20. Always drink a glass of water after each glass of alcohol and will see how well you will feel the next morning. 

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