We Can Beat Our Fears

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Some people panic fear of heights or dogs, and other knees tremble at the thought that should the threshold of the dentist’s office.Fears are many and varied. Unfortunately many of the tablets against the fear there, but why do we overcome it through training, psychologists say.

At the heart of trainings lies energetic carting of the nerves  method that allows assessment of activity of the various divisions of the cerebrum. Unlike functional MRI imaging (tomography by nuclear magnetic resonance) energetic carting of the nerves  completely safe procedure, allowing effective correction of fear.The head of the patient are placed special sensors and the monitor screen to monitor what takes place in his cerebrum. Initially, the patient learn how to relax, whose quality of relaxation is also estimated using equipment.

Doctor, asking specific diagnostic questions, draw a circle of situations that cause fear of the patient. With the help of a computer all inherent human fears are arranged in a sequence of the strongest to weaker.When the patient’s brain is in a state of complete lethargy, the doctor leads him to describe at least it frightening situation. This procedure continues until the human brain does not learn to remain completely weakened at the moment of mental experience of horror. Then the procedure is repeated for the next terrible situation.

Energetic carting of the nerves  method is considered with great prospects. According to experts with its help can be increased and the efficiency of the process of educating students and pupils to raise the level of training in athletes and to develop resistance to stress. 


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