Fast Food – a Totally Wrong Concept

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We have repeatedly written about the so-called. fast food. Typical for the countries of Western Europe and the U.S. over the past 15-20, they are becoming more popular in our country. Below we offer translation in an article published a few days ago one of the biggest U.S. newspapers. It takes only one example of a chain of fast food, but so do most popular. 

According to the official website of McDonald’s: 

– Balanced diet is the content of protein, fats and carbohydrates, and its energy volume not exceeding daily calorie needs; 

– Supply of salads and increasing range of chicken and fish dishes help reduce fat and cholesterol in the traditional menu; 

– Leaflets on specified information for the calorific value of different foods and drinks; 

– Promotion of the chain aims to promote to a healthy lifestyle and controversial activities. Even the person of the company – is already widely known clown with a substantially slender figure. 

So far everything sounds wonderful. And take your lunch cheeseburger salad “Caesar”, a small portion of potatoes, cherry pie and cappuccino. 

Bread of the cheeseburger (which is pretty cute! “), Ends unexpectedly quickly. And the salad should finish with fries. Eat cake, drink and cappuccino. But hunger is still calling … 

If you believe the tables of the calorific value of the dishes this afternoon to produce about 1140 calories (which is half the daily rate). As for the “good balance”, fat (54 g) were 1.5 times more than the permissible limit for elderly and overweight. And there are more and 27 g of sugar, ie 5 tsp – That too much. Even the cheeseburger contains 7 g of sugar – it is not in vain it seems sweet. If every day you eat similar food in the typical modern man lifestyle will inevitably weight. 

If you have decided to comply with the proteins bound to exceed the rate of fat. In addition you will be very difficult to prevent excess sugar. After such a meal very quickly you will overfed again. The more fat and sugar contained food, the less it appears to be stodgy. In other words, the portion of lean meat, soup, vegetable salad, yogurt and 2-3 slices of bread would satiate you for much longer. Manner of eating in McDonald’s did not contribute to quench hunger. It is proved that if the man eats from a plate and cutlery used, it needs less calories than if you eat on the go and bite the whole piece. The ratio between nutrients and the most calorific dishes are still far from modern ideas about proper nutrition. 

Traditional sandwiches, cocktails, drinks, sweets and fried potatoes lead to increased risk of obesity, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diabetes and gout exacerbation of gastritis, stomach ulcer, etc. Such food can be called relatively safe for those who engage in heavy physical labor. If you do not abuse the greasy food and move around a lot, you can still log in to McDonald’s, but more often than 1-2 times a week. And people tend to gain – once a month. Or a selective approach to the menu – only vegetable salad and Diet Coke, advises the New York Times. 


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