12 Tips to Retain Customers And Make Money!

1.     Make available positive customer service for a successful online business.

2.     Your positive customer service should be in charge of increased business activity and loyalty in the middle of your valued customers.

3.     Always be clear in your mind that all your activities towards customer satisfaction is perfect in every respect.

4.     Customers feel in high spirits when a sale takes place after making sure on an item they have actually placed an order for.

5.     Let your customers be aware that they are being listened to and cared for.

6.     A good quality service is nothing but meeting the customer’s normal expectations.

7.     Go beyond the normal customer service and expectations by planning and doing something extra so as to keep them coming back again and again.

8.     To make customers to do business with you, always give them more than what they expect from you.

9.     Present the program with quite a lot of solutions to the customer’s problem.

10.       In case one solution does not work, make sure that you have several other solutions in place to resolve their problems.

11.      Try your best to help your customers with various solutions.

12.      Fix your customer’s problem immediately and make them buy from you in the future as well.  

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