20 Glowing Ways to Boost Your Sales And Make Money!

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1.       Create new products or services for which there is a strong need.

2.      Your sales will be good if you have a market for a product.

3.      Provide your visitors compliments in your ad text.

4.      Earn their trust and keep them in good mood so that you can easily sell.

5.      Offer multiple streams of income in your site.

6.      Sell your own products, join affiliate programs, sell advertising space, etc.

7.      Publish a free e-book and give it away from your site or from your e-zine.

8.       Increase your traffic, sales and e-zine subscribers with a free e-book.

9.       Remind your visitors that you’re a human being and not just a site.

10. Publish information about your family, a picture of yourself, a profile, etc.

11. Include content and free stuff on your site that promote your products.

12.  Customers, who don’t read your ads, may read your offerings and buy.

13. Sell selected products on your site instead of selling a lot of products.

14. Offer only limited choices to motivate your visitors to buy.

15. On completion of one order, sell your other products.

16. Show your other products in your ‘thank you’ page.

17. Provide a “Contact Page” on your site.

18. Add credibility to your business by giving different options to contact you.

19. Use an ‘addition’ at the end of your ad text.

20. In the ‘addition’ repeat a benefit or use an offer like a free bonus.


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