Getting Full Marks in an Assignment

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Have you ever wondered how you get full marks in the assignment or exam you are working on? I’m sure you have! It could get you a very good future of your choice that you would like to work with and also to enjoy your career while getting paid!

Basics (Extra Marks): 1) When starting an assignment, always check the spelling, grammar, punctuation and if there is any opportunity to do so; use similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration for creativity.

2) Always write in full sentences when answering a question, also writing the maximum amount you can unless there is a word limit!

Advanced (Responses): 3) When doing the assignment, always answer the question and the question only. Do not even think of side tracking to other topics besides the question just to maximize the number of words of the assignment. Even I made some mistakes with this. Maybe the thing you can do is define a paragraph then lead it up to the answer to the question.

4) If there is any opportunity, include pictures and also during the end of the assignment, include referencing and hyperlinks to the assignment if possible. Have a clear, readable font and a good size. Also you could include a background to make it look more presentable.


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