Using the internet to check and track the weather

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You can use to internet to check and track the weather. This beats watching the weather on television because you can see the same information but you decide when to change it. is a weather site you can use to check your local weather any time.  This site has national, regional, and local views on the weather radar. You can select loop for the radar display and see how the storm pattern is traveling. You can also see temperature patterns and health related pattern maps. The maps of weather conditions are available in twelve different formats displaying different information about the weather across the country. It is surprising to see what is available when you begin exploring the maps on the Intellicast site.

This site also gives you a current and ten day forecast that is in the format you see on television. If you put in your local zip code, it will display a lot of information for you. This includes the temp., dew point, humidity, pressure and today’s forecast.

This is a great site for not only local conditions but conditions anywhere in the country. So if you have family in some other part of the country you can see what their weather is like. This site even offers global weather reports. This is again great if you have family or friends around the world. Intellicast is a great weather site, free to use and very detailed. I am not affiliated with this site in any way, I just love being able to see the weather at my convenience.


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