Various Types Found In Small Dog Crate

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There is a big variety in small dog crate. Not only that, there are found to be variations in a single variety of small dog crate as well. Plastic, soft plastic, wire, aluminium etc. dog crates come in all types. Let us have a look at type of small dog crate, so that it can be helpful for you when buying one.

  • Aluminium

The first advantage of aluminium crates is that they can be folded. So, it can save a lot of space for you if you are not going to use it temporarily. Image the saving of 20-25 sq. feet. of space. Though, the dog crates are either in the garden or out of the house in the open, still the saving of this much space is going to come handy anyhow. Another advantage is that it is light in weight. Therefore, it gets easier to handle and transport.

The seemingly light dog aluminium crates are strong enough. If they are properly constructed with sturdy angles and bracings, it can carry the weight of an adult quite easily. Another advantage of an aluminium small dog crate is it will never rust. The ventilation is excellent, so the dog will not feel suffocated.

  • Wire

Like aluminium crates, even wire dog crates are foldable. On the contrary, it can be folded to fit in a reasonably sized air bag. Like the alunimium crates, wire crates also allow the free flow of air and the overall ventilation is admirable. People from outside too can have a good view in the inside of such a small dog crate. Therefore, such crates can often be seen at various dog shows. A veterinary hospital is a good example of wire crates for small dogs.

  • Soft Crates

After speaking of the advantage of the above two types, the disadvantageous type of small dog crate is the soft crate. The stubborn kinds of dogs are never put inside soft crates as the dogs chew at the crates like a mouse. The second disadvantage of these soft crates is the inability to carry them. It is almost difficult to transport such a small dog crate in the regularly used vehicles like the family car. Nevertheless, the advantages are as usual like free air flow and the visibility both from the inside and the outside.

Tents are fast replacing the soft crates. This can be addressed as the latest version in the crates’ family. Such a small dog crate mostly has the same advantages like any other small dog crate. This is the ‘next’ in occupying the space, utility and transportability. If you plan to carry your belongings along with a small dog crate, you can stuff it in your regular suitcase and you are done.

It depends on your home situation, your job profile and your breed of dog as to which dog crate might be suitable for you. Each of the dog crates above, come with advantages and disadvantages. Whichever you choose, will be the best one for you.

Daniel Stevens is a proud consultant of small dog crate. For years, he had brought the benefits and importance of buying a small dog crate. Find out more on his tips at Small Dog Crate to get your free tips and guides.


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