Carnaval de Oruro Bolivia is a Must See Festival

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Festivals makes the culture of any country and what better way to enjoy the local life and dwell yourself into the varied dances and customs by wearing the custom masks and dresses and be one amongst the locals. Festivals mark the joys and entertainment that people await to arrive every year and it pleases more than locals, the outsiders who come especially to such places to enjoy the culture of the place. The best travel destination guide is one of the best and reliable information center where you can get varied information on different destinations, their culture, their traditions and varied other places of historic importance. The Carnaval de Oruro Bolivia is one of the biggest cultural events for the city as it attracts more than 850,000 visitors every year. The festival continues for over 10 days and sees different celebrations in the form of parades, dances, music, drinking and enjoying the over all atmosphere of the place.

The best travel destination guide brings you the best and most comprehensive guide on Carnaval de Oruro Bolivia; the carnival originates from the Andean ancestral culture. The carnival this year is going to be held on 12th, 13th and 14th of February. The world looks over Oruro carnival as truly unique in nature, as it is considered to be a religious celebration. The carnival begins before 40 days before the Easter starts, it is one of the most looked upon events for the year. The geographic locations of the carnival according to the vacation guide states that Oruro has become a center of distribution for terrestrial transport services that includes different regions from Bolivia and also includes places like Chile and Argentina. You can reach Oruro by air through Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz – La Paz, there are regular flights from Buenos Aires to La Paz that stops at Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

There are varied carnivals that take place in Bolivia, La Paz, Oruro, Tarija and Santa Cruz but the Oruro carnival is world famous and people across the world participate in this event with much vigor. The best travel destination guide gives you perfect information on the monstrous costumes that are worn and the places from where it could be rented, heavy masks are worn during the event with eyes bulging out, the devilish masks are worn by the devils wearing sparkling breast plates they were silk embroidered shawls around them. While the devil dance is on, China supay – devil’s wife comes out who starts dancing in seductive dance to entice the Michael. The vacation guide recommends to wear comfortable clothing, do not wear valuable jewelry, and get yourself time to get acclimatized with the atmosphere of the carnival.


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