Carnaval de Oruro is a Must See Carnival

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The growing travel industry has bought over easy change in the way people are open to visiting different destinations of the world. The best travel destination guide offers you up to date information on different places you had always wanted to visit. Year round there are several places people visiting depending on the best seasons or festivals to visit. Carnaval de Oruro is one of the biggest cultural events in Bolivia; people celebrate this even with much vigor and fascination here. The carnival attracts thousands of people every year to enjoy the great colorful atmosphere here; you can Llamerad dancers in this carnival that are big attractions here. Carnaval de Oruro is celebrated in Oruro; it is the capital of Bolivia where much of folklore happenings take place. The ceremonies for Carnaval de Oruro dates back to Andean customs where ancient civilizations had varied customs and traditions.

The official name of the even is El Carnaval de Oruro – one of the biggest cultural events of Bolivia. It is one of the finest cultural festivals after considering Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janerio. This is one of the best events and should not be missed if you are visiting Latin America. According to the vacation guide, UNESCO has named the carnival as a world heritage event in the year 2001. During the Carnaval de Oruro carnival period, people from nearby villages, towns and neighborhood come to the city to enjoy the festivities here. The carnival continues for over 10 days and is attended by thousands of musicians and dancers from different corners of the country, they wear expensive costumes and parade across the city through its streets and roads. The parade is followed by heavy drinking and people often get into water balloon fights as is the norm here.

Festivals mark the joys and entertainment that people await to arrive every year and it pleases more than locals, the outsiders who come especially to such places to enjoy the culture of the place. The best travel destination guide is one of the best and reliable information center where you can get varied information on different destinations, their culture, their traditions and varied other places of historic importance. The Carnaval de Oruro Bolivia is one of the biggest cultural events for the city as it attracts more than 850,000 visitors every year. The festival continues for over 10 days and sees different celebrations in the form of parades, dances, music, drinking and enjoying the over all atmosphere of the place.

The main highlight of Carnaval de Oruro is that the carnival continues over a period of three days and nights and there are over fifty groups that participate in parades across the street spanning over 4 kilometers. Present day the carnival combines the Andean folklore and catholic rituals. The best travel destination guide helps you plan your tour well while you visit this lovely festival, you can be a part of parade by talking over to the group representatives in advance and the vacation guide would surely help you plan your trip really well.


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