Cat Island Vacation is a Thrilling Experience

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If you are looking for the best travel destination guide information, I would suggest take a tour of cat island vacation as they are a pure pleasure to enjoy your time with family and friends. The serene atmosphere here just makes it a wonderful experience for you to enjoy some quality time with loved ones. The Cat Island are located at 135 miles southeast of Nassau, you can reach this place by taking Bahamas air flight from Nassau to Cat Island. There are several private charter companies that offer you direct flights to Cat Island.  The best attraction of the cat island vacation tours according to the vacation guide is the place called as “The Hermitage”. Hermitage is the place where you can take a hiking trail up to 63 meter of Mt. Alvernia, after going at the top you will get to see the panoramic view of the place. It is just one of the best places to visit while you are at Bahamas.

You can never forget this lovely destination as it has so much to offer, you can not surely forget the blue waters here sparkling at you like diamond, the sand here and the all colorful atmosphere of people in their swim clothes all the while getting a sun tan. Bahamas lets you enjoy the natural wonders of the sea world, you can see the tropical fish sway by your ankles while you are in water along the shore. It is such a marvelous experience to see blue waters all around the place. The best travel destination guide suggests that even if you stay here just for two days you feel that you have stayed here for two weeks. You get so acquainted and familiar with the place in just one day. There are various types of water sports you can enjoy here, and the vacation guide recommends to definitely trying the scuba diving experience as you can see the beautiful tropical coral reefs that have been unexplored and unspoiled for years now. The crystal clear waters makes you feel like you are in some dream world, you can never get bored at this wonderful place here. The water is so clear that you can see the water bubbles even standing at 200 feet away.

The best travel destination guide offers greater discounts on the all the water sports activity along with hotel discounts and of course to enjoy the tropical food here at discounted rates. You can enjoy world class snorkeling experience while at Cat island vacations as they offer you variety of things to do and enjoy with family and friends. The breathtaking view from the hermitage makes you feel as if you are on top of the world. The beautiful tropical fish in the waters makes you feel all fresh and rejuvenated. The cat island vacations are just perfect places to visit with family and friends and it is one of the best destinations to relax and rejuvenate.


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