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The Details

HostGator ( is becoming the center of attention within the web-hosting industry, by doing what most other hosts would consider committing business-suicide, by doing something unique and something right. By “unique” and “right,” I don’t mean that HostGator has come up with an amazing formula for success that put them ahead of every one else – well, not technically – they are simply going back to the basics, and perfecting what many other hosts have forgotten. HostGator provides cheap & affordable prices, answers their phones, promptly return questions through emails, being online and helpful during live chat sessions, and is just an all-around honest, quality company. The formulas are empirical, but they are doing it right and it’s been nothing but success for them.

You wouldn’t think much of HostGator at first, just by looking at their website. Upon heading to, you will find a fairly standard web-hosting website, and a slogan that gave me a chuckle the first time I saw it, “we eat up the competition.” It’s cute – and it’s good, because we don’t always want a business-like attitude from our service provider all the time. Their setup is average, ModernBill + cPanel, lack of updates on their website, etc…

But forget about all of that for a moment. How many times have you encountered a web-host whose website is all glamor and flash, and became disappointed after you sign up with them and you realize that the front they put up is totally different from their service quality. Well the same thing can be said for HostGator, but flipped in the direction – their front isn’t so eye-catching, but the quality that they deliver as a company is very convincing. Ordering is easy and your website will be up and running within minutes – they also accept credit cards and PayPal (PayPal!), and of course debit cards.


HostGator’s email support is prompt – and when I asked the three standard questions (Do you support mod_rewrite, mod_security, are the servers Windows or Linux (Linux)), I got an email back within minutes. I sent those three questions, along with “Do you support PHP5 and Ruby on Rails?” at 5:44 PM on a Monday, and got a response about ten minutes after:

“We support PHP5. We support mod_rewrite Our servers on Linux this on our shared server but if you take dedicated server then we also install mod_security on your server.”

Not the best crafted sentences in the world, but they answered the questions (with the exception of Ruby on Rails)

Along with web-hosting, HostGator also provides web design, merchant services, domain registration, and SSL certificates. The Addons section of their Support Center has all of these clearly outlined, which is always a plus.

Pros: Budget Pricing, Nice Support, Great Features, and Straight Forward.
Cons: You won’t get a lot of things for free, but for the price, it makes sense.
Bottomline: HostGator is a solid company with a solid track. They deliver what they offer without luring you in through their website, which is something I always appreciate.
Rating: 4/5

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