How to get rid of a stomache ache using apples or a blow dryer

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Have you ever heard of using sliced apples with sugar or a blow-dryer to help cure a stomach ache? The other day my one twin had a very bad tummy ache. I am not sure if it was caused by something he ate or just one of those days. So one of my home remedies I always use is the apples and sugar method, which will help ease your stomach almost instantly. All you need to do is cut up and peel a few apples. Then mix them in a bowl with a few pinches of sugar. Make sure they are mixed well and allow the child to eat them. After your child eats the apples make them drink a few really cold sips of water. Now this does not mean a whole glass just a few sips is needed. So where does the blow dryer come in?

If your child’s tummy hurts really bad and nothing seems to be working, have your child eat the apples then grab a blow dryer and place the heat directly onto the tummy. Now a blow dryer can get quite hot so make sure the heat control on the blow dryer is on low heat. Allow the heat to warm up the tummy for about 8-10 minutes. Then place a warm rag on top. The heat from the blow dryer and the rag will soothe the tummy and the pains will subside. A blow dryer is not just for hair. Do you know you can dry your fruits with a blow dryer, pop out car dents, help with frozen pipes, remove wax from your furniture or even calm a colicky baby? A blow dryer can work wonders on your hair and in your home.


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