Facts About Grapefruits

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Grapefruits are sometimes mistaken as Pomelo but different in shape and size. Pomelos are bigger and are sometime pear shaped. They originated in Jamaica but soon America became of one of the producers as well. They grow in tropical areas and are best in January up until July. Grapefruits can be bitter and sweet. Their colors will vary from the orange, pink, yellow, and reddish colors.

Grapefruits have many nutritional values that are beneficial to our body. Vitamins present are Vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, panthothenic acid; B6, C and E. Minerals found are potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium manganese, copper, and zinc. One cup of grapefruit will give you 1.09 grams of protein, 104 calories and 1.4 dietary fibers of grams. It has a high value of Vitamin C, potassium and beta carotene. It has bioflavonoid which helps reduce in the risk of cancers and heart disease.

Grapefruits are good for those who are wanting to loss weight because it has the ability to burn fats away. It is high in fiber yet low in calories. It is also good for those who are trying to lower their blood cholesterols because it also has pectin. The grapefruits with pink and red colors are high in lycophene which is good to lower the risk of cancers. Cancers like prostrate cancer and breast cancer. It is also helpful for those who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other inflammatory diseases.

Those who have allergies to citrus might have an allergic reaction to grapefruit as well as they are in one family. It is also known to have a reaction to some medicines. Grapefruits peels are also used as oil for aromatherapy because of their good aroma. Before you start any grapefruit diet, it is best to consult with your doctor first.

To choose for the best grapefruit, pick the one with feels heavy for their size. Make sure that their skin is shiny and it should look tight. Do not buy it if it’s soft and the colors are dull. The white or yellowish fleshed grapefruit are good for marinates on any meat. The reddish or pinkish ones are sweet kinds and the Oro Blanco kind of the grapefruit is the one who should try if you are uncertain because it is less bitter and less acidic. You can eat them by slicing them or just peeling them but some people uses a special knife or spoon to separate the flesh from the skin.


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