How to Make Money Selling Homemade Polvoron: Step by Step Guide

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How To Make Money Selling Homemade Polvoron: Step by Step Guide

What is polvoron?  It is a Philippine delicacy that is very similar to a shortbread.  It is sweet, and is shaped usually round or oval.

The steps to start your homebased business on selling polvoron are very simple.  Actually you can start this business today!  No matter what country you are in, as long as there are people willing to buy your product, you can succeed!

  1. Make polvoron samples to give to your friends.
  2. Attach a price quote.

  3. Get orders.

  4. Make your polvoron, pack them nicely.
  5. Deliver your goods.

  6. Collect the money.

  7. Repeat the procedure!

By word of mouth, people will know that you are selling polvoron and most likely they will make repeat orders from you!

The 2 most important things to remember:

  1. Your polvoron has to taste really good.
  2. They should be professional quality.

This is my polvoron recipe that I have been using for a couple of years now.

How to Make Polvoron

Through trial and error finally I was able to make them really great quality, my friends told me these polvoron look and taste like they were bought from a store.  I have had requests to sell them, but honestly I haven’t thought about turning it into a business yet.  For now I”m just happy making and giving them to my friends.

But I know that many people are looking for home-based business ideas, and I think selling polvoron is a really good idea if you can find the time for it.  So I thought of sharing this business idea with you.

Also this recipe is firm, not crumbly.  It’s important that the polvoron you make has a firm or hard texture so they don’t crumble easily!

How does this polvoron taste? Hmmm yummy! You have to try it out to see for yourself =) It tastes like Goldilocks polvoron.

What are the advantages of selling home-made polvoron?

  1. It is a very easy home-based business to start.

  2. The start-up cost is very little.

  3. You can specialize in only one thing and be able to get orders again and again.

  4. Many people enjoy this Filipino food, so you have many potential customers just waiting for you to ask!

Are the ingredients for this polvoron hard to find? Not really.  I live in Canada and I can find the ingredients in almost any grocery store.  The ingredients are very basic: flour, powdered milk, sugar and butter.

The only challenge you may encounter is where to find the polvoron mold.  I found this mould in a local Filipino store.

So if you do decide to go into a small home based business and start making polvoron, I wish you all the very best!

Here is the polvoron recipe for you:

How to Make Polvoron

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