My Most Read Article on Triond: 62,475 Views

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My Most Read Article On Triond: 62,475 Views

I started to write for Triond on May of 2009.  Today is August 2, 2010 so it has been 1 year and 3 months.  Out of curiosity I decided to check which article garnered the most views (you can do this under content-published, and sort by total views).

My article 30 Fast and Easy Potluck Ideas got the most views at 62,475 visits. This article was published on June 26, 2009 and the total earnings for that is $171.42 as of this date.  Since Triond is not transparent on how they calculate the earnings per article, I’m not really sure how it was calculated.

To some people, $171.42 for more than 60,000 visits may seem a very tiny amount, to some it may seem big.  To me although I’m still wondering what formula was used to do the calculation, well in the end it does not really matter.  Why? Because after all it’s free money.  And that shows that if you write an article on a very hot and popular topic, your article will go up the charts and will earn you money regardless.  And I like the fact that after I write for Triond and it has been published, I can just copy the same article and paste it on to Bukisa.  Then the earnings continue on the other site.

So it means that if you write for Triond and stop there, you are missing out on the opportunity from the other sites.  It’s a different thing if you have to write different articles for different sites – that will consume a lot of time.  But if all you have to do is copy and paste, why not?  Bukisa allows you to publish your previously published article, so that’s really great.

I hope this article has helped you!

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