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Started in 2001 by a set of Drilling professionals, Drilling Today, All about Water is a name to recon with in the water industry. Drilling Today is the only registered English / Hindi technical publication registered with Registrar of News Papers of India and approved by Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India, published monthly from Jaipur, Rajasthan ( India ) with a readership of more than 50,000 readers.The auspicious inaugural celebration of the publication was presided by Engineer Ramakant Sharma, member Indian Administration Services, the then MLA Thanagazi (Rajasthan) with Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, Vice President of India, the then Chief Minister of Rajasthan as the Chief Guest. Drilling Today covers entire Water Well Drilling activities with simultaneous focus on Water Management. Drilling Today being an appreciable and fruitful technical magazine reaches to the hands of numerous Industrialist, Government, Semi-government and private technical bodies/authorities, Corporate Heads, International Drillers, Geologists and Professionals and thereby provides effective opportunities to those interested in getting their products publicized in the magazine.

The objective of the magazine is to make water professionals, policy makers and indeed, all those interested in water management, aware of the latest developments and innovations in the water industry to help them take informed decisions. The magazine is focused, and through its tremendous impact has reached a circulation of 19,172 copies. Over its five years of existence the magazine has dealt with all the key issues in water and related industries, through articles and case studies written by experienced water professionals and the experts in the relevant fields. Drilling Today, All About Water presents an ideal platform to increase awareness and build a good positioning for your product. It is valued by top water professional in industries and government as well as by consultants. It also presents an ideal platform for you to look for representatives, look for major project orders and other business development opportunities.

Drilling has existed as an industry since the Chinese erected the first cable tool rig approximate-ly 4000 years ago. Since the development of drill rigs, techniques and applications have led to the industry’s expansion into the following eight specialized sectors:
Mineral Exploration
Blast Hole
Water Well
Oil and Gas

Drilling objectives
There is always a reason why holes are drilled within each of the industry sectors. The reason for making a hole is called the drilling objective which consists of four important parts : statements, standards, conditions and checks.

The statements set out clearly what the objective is about. It is important that the statements are clearly worded so they may be understood by the driller. After all, he can not be expected to do a job unless he has a clear picture of what it is he’s expected to do. For example, Drill an exploratory hole to produce data on the nature and position of the formations; and produce chip samples for laboratory testing.

Standards tell the driller the precise requirements for the drilling. Certain standards will be required for every hole and they must be adhered to exactly. They are a measurement of the work performed. Examples of standards are :

* The hole to be drilled must be drilled within a 1/2 meter (18in) of the peg

* The hole must be drilled to a depth of 100 meters (300ft.)

* Minimum hole diameter is to be 125mm (5 in)

* The hole must be within 3 degrees of vertical throughout.

* The sample interval is to be every 1 meter (3ft.)

* Drilling logs must record changes of formation within 0.2 meters (8 in) of correct position.

The conditions provide the frame of reference for the work. They describe how, when and where the standards apply. Conditions may describe access to site or weather conditions and their affect on the drill site or hours of work. Conditions could comprise the following :

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