Creating Systems Now Will Save You Later

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I have been hearing people tell me for years that I need to “create systems”. Most of these people are the so called “Big Boys” of internet marketing.
While I do listen to them and follow their teachings and implement what I learn from them in my own business, I was resistant to this particular advise. And yet again, they are proving themselves to be right.

I resisted for many reasons…

* I can do it myself…
* I can do it right and someone else won’t…
* I don’t know how to explain it to someone else…
* It is easier to just do it myself instead of having to show someone else…
* Etc, etc, etc

When you are just starting out you tend to be more resistant to having someone else do things. Now don’t get me wrong, I like help as much as the next person. I like lawn people to take care of my lawn. I like someone to help me with filing (I HATE filing). I like it when I get help with the dishes or cleaning the house.

Notice a trend here…I did. Most of these things are household chores, not business things. Oh and I hate doing most of them myself.

Now in my business in the other hand, I LIKE doing those other things. You know…those tedious things that need to be done particularly to market my business. I like doing them.

* I like tinkering with the blog look and feel…
* I like posting videos all over the web…
* I like posting articles all over the web…
* I like converting article to powerpoints, to make videos….

So see I didn’t think I would like it to have someone else doing those things for me.


It is WONDERFUL having someone else do these things for me.

But…here is the issue. I have no system.

Do you know how hard it is to train someone else on how to do something when you aren’t really sure how you do it yourself? I just do it.

But now I have to stop and re-think everything. I have to analyze how each task gets done. I have to think about the steps and the order they need to be done in. Where to start, what the end result should be, and each and every step in between.

NOW I Get it….

Those guys tried to warn me. They said “Create a system. Record screen capture videos outlining the system. Or write up step-by-step guides on how you want each task done. Do it now AS you start doing each thing.”
They said that if I did it to begin with, then later it would be done. Later when I came to my senses I think they meant…

They were not saying not to do it myself. In fact they said I could do it myself all I wanted. But someday I might want help. Or maybe I would want to take a vacation and still have things done. Or maybe I would want my partner to do something for me because I didn’t feel well.

Whatever the reason….if there are no processes and systems then no one but me can do the things that need to be done.

And while some people feel this is the right thing to do in a JOB to make sure they are still is kind of silly in your own business. I mean who did I think was going to replace me? It is MY company for goodness sakes…

So….stop, think and systematize. Determine the starting point, the ending point and each step in the middle. Then record it. Write it down. Whatever, but create a system you can hand to someone else (anyone else).

Then go take a day off 

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