Quick Breakfasts For Busy People

We know it is important to have breakfast. The body needs a new supply of nutrients after the long night, and it needs fuel to help it go through the new day. We are at our most active and productive when we start our day with an ample breakfast. Unfortunately, our busy lifestyle and our need or desire to be at work first thing in the morning leads us to create an unfavorable habit of skipping breakfast mostly because of lack of time to prepare.

Several food choices do not need much preparation. They, however, still provide sufficient amounts of nutrients to comprise a healthful, adequate breakfast. Stocking up on these foods will allow even the busiest individual to sneak in a few healthful bites before heading out the door early in the morning.

Additionally, you can adopt particular timesaving habits that can drastically reduce breakfast preparation time to allow you to sit down and enjoy a meal in the morning instead of having no choice but to rush out on an empty stomach.

For instance, you can set up all the necessary implements (plates, bowls, glasses, etc.) on the table before going to bed, and put some oatmeal on a slow cooker to cook overnight. You can then wake up to a healthful breakfast with minimum extra preparation.

Many breakfast meals do not need preparation. These alternatives include breads and muffins, cereal bars, oatmeal bars, and granola bars. They are often readily available in several stores.

You might also want to try yogurt. It is tasty. It comes in many flavors; and it goes well with fruits, milk, and nuts. A similar choice is a fruit smoothie rendered from your blender. The preparation time for this is minimal and you can use any fruit or any combination of fruits you want. If you are serious about shaving off as much time as possible from breakfast preparation, opt for the most popular solution: breakfast cereals.

For variety, you can try making breakfast sandwiches, instead. These are easy and quick to make with toasts, butter spreads, cheese, vegetables, and even a few slices of deli meat. You can prepare and eat one sandwich with a glass of milk in a few, unhurried minutes. Alternatively, you can make a sandwich at night and keep it in a container in the refrigerator. In the morning, just take it and eat it while driving or commuting to work.

There are times when you really need to rush out of the door as soon as you are out of bed and ready. On such occasions, simply reach for a piece of fruit, a muffin, or a slice of bread and consume it on your way out. It does not pass for breakfast, but at least you might prevent your stomach from growling on the subway or on the bus.

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