Valentines day..How to make it last 365 day a year

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1st step to making the holiday of valentines last is to make sure you tell someone(spouse,child,sibling,etc) that you love them everyday of the year.

2nd step is to leave short love notes in your loved ones lunch,wallet,purse or where ever you want to leave it.

3rd step: Don’t go to bed angry! Talk out what is bothering you and end the night with some type of affection(hug,kiss or what ever you are in the mood for)

3rd step: try to buy or make a treat for love ones on the days you don’t want to leave a note. A bag of hershey kisses, cookies, raisins,carrots, or what ever your loved one likes will remind them that you love them every day.

4th step: Once a week try to make a day where you care for your loved one. Rub their back, message their feet, pamper them and then cook them a great meal or take them out to dinner. Make them feel like a queen or king.

5th step : Remember life is short.  Live up the days and let the loved one know you are there for them. A call to your loved one works wonders if you have no time to do steps 1-4.


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