Things That Women Dislike About Men When It Comes To Dating

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All of us have different preferences; dating is not an exemption. Sometimes a bad date could even lead to trauma. There are things that girls consider before they agree on dates with men.

Women are some of the most unpredictable and hard to understand creatures on the planet. They are usually very choosy and always like good company. Naturally, some of them have very high standards when choosing a man. Some of these standards are as follows.

Your personal hygiene is one of the factors that women take into serious attention. Make sure that before you go on a date you are physically and mentally prepared. Make the necessary preparations like taking a shower, brushing, combing, and choosing the right clothes and perfume that you would use to make your date extra special. It is important to make a good impression, especially when this is your first date.

Being prompt is the way of a gentleman. Do not ever keep a girl waiting. Be five to ten minutes earlier than the appointed time. If you by chance cannot avoid being late, make sure to inform your partner. Call her or give her a text message to inform her that you would be a little late. It is important for them to know just how committed you are. Girls do not want to go home in tears, so you had better keep that in mind.

The purpose of a date is trying to get to know each other a little better. It is okay to drink a little to boost your confidence, but do not by any means drink yourself to oblivion. Ladies do not like the company of drunken men. You might not get another chance in dating them again when this happens. Make sure to compose your thoughts and stay away from too much alcohol.

Talking about success and certain achievements in life is okay, but do not ever forget that thin line between informing and bragging. Ladies might raise an eyebrow at you if you kept bragging about things that would make you look good. This sometimes have the opposite effect on women. Keep the conversations on the courtesy level and promote the “getting to know” atmosphere. This is how a date should be done.

Choosing the right clothes for the date is very important. No one wants to go to any place with someone wearing rags. How would you feel if you put up a lot of effort to dress up and your partner wore something that came out of a garbage bin? It would lead to a bad impression and would probably be a cause for the date to end there and then. Respect is the key to make a date successful. If you are aware of the proper or common courtesies that people do in dates, then everything will turn out for the better.


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