Bacon Appetizers

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Bacon Appetizers

Having a party? Try serving these little delicious bacon appetizers that are very inexpensive to make. This is a very simple and easy to make recipe that does not require much time at all. They make a perfect snack for anytime. Serve them with ranch dressing or a dressing of your choice. They will make a great addition to any lunch, dinner, or party table. They are very colorful and decorative. Your guests will really them and you will surely recieve great compliments from this little appetizer. I hope that you will enjoy sering them at your next party. Enjoy!


1 pack of bacon, any flavor

1 pound of cheddar cheese, mild or sharp

Cherry tomatoes, halved

Sprigs of parsley

Ranch dressing



1. Cut all of the bacon in half.

2. Cut the cheese into small cubes.

3. Cook the bacon, do not cook it where it will crumble, cook the bacon so that it may be wrapped.

4. Allow the bacon slices to cool and drain the grease and wrap each piece around the cube of cheese and fasten with a toothpick.

5. Place a half of tomato on the pick.

6. On a large serving tray, place the sprigs of parsley around the edges of the tray. Place a small bowl of ranch dressing in the center of the tray for dipping.

7. Arrange the appetizers on the tray around the bowl of dressing.

8. Serve and enjoy! These are also delicious served with carrot sticks.


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