How to Make the Transition from Bermuda Grass to Rye Grass

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Many southern homes and commercial areas have Bermuda grass. Bermuda grass is very thick, rich and colorful. It does well in the southern climates during the spring and summer months. Bermuda grass grows best in full sun during the warmer months of the year. During the winter, Bermuda grass tends to go dormant and does not offer its richness anymore. You can transition between the two grasses to have a enviable yard year round. Using the two grasses together is a great way to have a very nice looking yard that is easy to maintain. Additionally, the yard will be thicker with the carpet of grass and nice to walk around on throughout the year.

Winter rye grass is an annual seed. Annuals have to be planted every year because they die out. Winter rye grass is perfect for combining with Bermuda grass. During the winter months, the ground is covered with the short and rich looking winter rye grass. The grass tends to die out toward the spring months. This makes it an ideal combination to use with the Bermuda grass. You do not have to replace the Bermuda grass but can simply add the rye grass to go with it to create the perfect combination in your yard.

When the frost season has past cut the winter rye grass extremely short. You will then want to till it into the ground with clippings and all. The winter rye grass will die out and form nice compost. Cover the ground with Bermuda grass seed, cover lightly and water. Shortly you will have a rich lawn. Year round you will have green grass that will be envy of all your neighbors and friends. They will be amazed at how you did this and were able to have luscious green grass year round.

Making the transition from Bermuda grass to rye grass is not complicated. It is important to your lawn to keep it looking green all year round. You will be glad that you made the transition and were able to keep your yard looking nice all of the time. Friends, relatives, neighbors and other visitors will like the look and the feel of the grass in your yard. Remember that curb side appearance affects the initial thoughts and impressions that people make when they drive by your home or they come to visit you.


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