Marriage: An Example For The Next Generation

The statistics for marriage today are around one of every two end in divorce. With these numbers one may possibly unknowingly enter into it with a sense of failure before the marriage even gets started. Many divorces are generational in nature, what I mean by that is that a cycle of divorce may be created when a parent becomes the victim of that divorce. They find it hard to recover instead of going through the grieving process and then moving on.Children of those divorced parents may then be more likely to divorce themselves. When a child can grow up seeing an example of a successful and happy home, they are more likely to repeat the same. This is not always true but it is a good place for newlyweds to start. Putting the same importance of remaining together in the same category of importance as the planning of a child builds a balanced foundation for the children. No one gets married to get a divorce, but often it happens because certain boundaries may not be in place to protect the relationship. Many of the main helpful tips such as effective communication, keeping the romance alive, learning to deal with conflict and moving from independence to oneness to name a few are important. But added to this list should also be the example of creating a happy and successful marriage for ones children to see modeled before them and just maybe those negative statistics may turn to positive.

                                                         What if I’m already divorced?

If a person happens to find themselves in the painful jaws of divorce, there is still hope for their child to still have a lasting marriage. The parents should continue to be role models by not talking negative about the other ex-spouse and by not viewing marriage as a negative experience before the children, but to be open and honest about what should and should not be done. Divorce should not mean that life is over, but as a transitional period of using the failure as a stepping stone to better things. The next generation of children can turn the marriage statistics around, but it will take the help of parents whether divorced or no to become that needed role model.

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