Cabbage Casserole

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Cabbage Casserole

This is an excellent recipe that is inexpensive to make and the whole family will enjoy it. It will make a great meal alone or as a side dish. It is awesome served with hot garlic bread or jalapeno bread. It is a very nutritional dish. Very savory. Enjoy! It is the perfect one-dish meal. It will be a great addition to serve at a pot luck dinner or special occasion.


1 pound of ground beef

1 onion, chopped\

2 tablespoons of butter

1 cup of carrots, shredded

3 cups of cabbage shredded

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of black pepper

1 jar of spaghetti sauce

1 tablespoon of hot sauce

1 tablespoon of chives, chopped

1 tablespoon of parsley

1 cup of cheddar cheese, shredded


1. In a skillet, saute the onion in the butter.

2. Add the ground beef and break it into little pieces and cook until done.

3. Place the carrots and half of the cabbage in a buttered casserole dish. Season with salt, pepper, and parsley.

4. Add the meat mixture and pack lightly.

5. Add the rest of the cabbage.

6. Mix the spaghetti sauce, hot sauce, and chives well until ingredients are mixed.

7. Pour the sauce over the casserole. Add the rest of the salt, pepper, parsley.

8. Bake covered at 350 degrees F for 1 hour.

9. Place the cheese on top and bake uncovered for 10 minutes more.

10. Serve hot and enjoy!


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