Bobby Hebb Will Live on

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Bobby Hebb born July 26th, 1938 in Nashville Tennessee, he died today August 3rd, 2010. Bobby was famous for the song he recorded in the sixties, entitled Sunny. Bobbies song has had great influence on many jazz musicians throughout the decades.

He toured with the Beatles in 1966, where his hit song was then well excepted. His song has been covered so many times, there are hundreds of versions out there. In fact BMI rates Bobbie’s song Sunny as number 25 in its Top 100 songs of the century. Sunny, being Hebb’s biggest hit but not his only hit of his career.

He has had hits with A Satisfied Mind and Love Me. Even just six years prior to his release of Sunny, he had found success with with a remake of Roy Acuff’s Night Train To Memphis. This success was measured by his reaching the New York Top 50. Bobby Hebb was a tremendously talented performer, and obviously a good songwriter. His death today on August 3rd, 2010 has definitely dealt a substantial blow to the world of music. Those of us out there who enjoy performing, writing, and recording music have a high appreciation for Bobby Hebb. Hiss loss will be felt across America, possibly even the world.

Hebb died of Lung Cancer at the age of 72. While I can not vouch as to whether or not he smoked, I would hope that this would be a reminder of just how detrimental cigarettes can be to your health. I would like to use this as a venue to ask those of you who do smoke to stop now. If not for yourself at least do it for your family and friends. I myself have just recently quit smoking a few weeks ago, I can say that I feel healthier and happier. Hebb lived a long and full life, he graced us with his music early on and his mark was long there after remembered, and also appreciated. And I am certain that his songs will endure on for decades to come.


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