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Even though I have Cable Television at home yet I’d always wanted to watch Television on the Internet. At first for the joy of experiencing a new thing and then to watch channels both from India as well as around the World that is not present in the package of channels broadcasted by our local MSO (Multi System Operator).

When I searched for it, for quite some time I’d to face disappointment only, because most of these software companies either charged a good sum of money for it and those that were available free was not up to the mark; I mean to say they showed few free channels that either was never heard of (even the Indian ones) or the signal was so poor that it was not at all viewable.

At this point of time I suddenly found an amazing software that was not only free of any cost but also showed reputed channels with quality content. It showed channels from all genres and the News channels were just awesome! I could see some Indian channels I liked very much after a long time, since it was not broadcasted by our MSO. Some of them were: NDTV India, Times Now, Star News, etc. I was also amazed to find reputed entertainment pay channels from India like, Sony TV, Zee TV, Star Plus, NDTV Imagine, etc. There were more renowned channels like Aaj Tak, Star One, ESPN, Star Gold, IBN Live, etc.

You can also watch channels from all around the world and from countries you know nothing about. Good channels from the United States and United Kingdom are available here as well as channels from other European and Latin American countries; it’s quite an experience for anybody.

This software is so outstanding that its extent of service is huge. You can also listen to radio here, watch movies here (I watched a part of the movie: 2012 here the other day), download and play games, play videos, download channel content and many more. You just have to download and install some plug-ins and search engines to facilitate viewing and downloading all kinds of content. The software and its plug-ins update themselves periodically and would ask you for the same at times. You must agree to it and go ahead with it, to receive the latest channels, services or other developments.

And there is more. You can convert video files here as well to your choice able format, for example, from AVI to WMV, FLV to MP4, MP4 to WMV, MP4 to MP3 (audio only), etc.

As a matter of fact I don’t have a fast enough Internet Connection as I cannot afford it, else I’d have been able to exploit this software to its full extent. If your Internet Connection is fast, then it’ll be hurrah!

All this is available for free, though you can show your gratitude towards them by donating some money, but since I’ve none so I couldn’t give, maybe you could.

The system requirements are not anything great, but you must first install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to make it work efficiently. Also I’d like to warn that you must be over the age of 18 to download this software as it contains mature content.

The name of the software is: ‘Readon TV Movie Radio Player’. The download item is a ZIP File, so you should have unzipping software like WinZip to extract the files and then install the program from the extracted setup files. I am providing a screenshot of the software from my PC to show how it looks. Here it goes:

I hope now you’d have a great viewing experience like never before and also can convert your video files conveniently if you have wanted to do so.


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