Top Toys & Gifts To Consider: Animal, Learning, & Musical Toys

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There are a few reasons to give your loved one a gift, then you may want to think of a few gift ideas soon. This way, you can save the time of shopping around (which can come in handy if you are shopping at the last minute). In addition, you can even look for various ways to save money on specific items (such as sales and coupons).

Here is a list of the top toys and gifts for you to think about, to help you get started on your shopping. These ideas fit various age groups, from baby to adults.

Apple iPod Nano 8 GB Black (4th Generation).
The Apple iPod Nano 8 GB Black doesn’t just come in black, but it comes in eight colors in total! This iPod Nano has a new curved design and new features. Let this iPod Nano create it’s own playlist for you with the Genius Playlist feature. Play games (available separately); look through your photos and album art, watch movies, TVs, and up to 8 hours of video, or just listen to up to 2,000 songs! It holds up to 2,000 songs, 7,000 photos, and 8 hours of video, all on a 2-inch screen! The Apple iPod Nano 8 GB also comes in a 16 GB model.

Apple iPod Nano 16 GB Silver (4th Generation).
The Apple iPod Nano 16 GB Silver comes in eight colors in total, silver included! This iPod Nano has a new curved design and new features. Let this iPod Nano create it’s own playlist for you with the Genius Playlist feature. Play games (available separately); look through your photos and album art, watch movies, TV shows, video, or just listen to music! It holds up to 4,000 songs, 14,000 photos, and 16 hours of video, all on a 2-inch screen! The Apple iPod Nano 16 GB also comes in an 8 GB model.

EyeClops Bionic Eye Multizoom.
You can see the world and the objects in it up close and personal with the EyeClops Bionic Eye. You can actually view objects up to 400 times their regular size! You can view objects such as fabric, coins, hair, clothing, and more! You can also see objects up close on your TV by using the hand-held bionic “eye”. This will allow your family and friends to also have fun viewing objects with this easy-to-use magnifier. With this toy, you can definitely see the world as  you have never seen it before.

D-REX Interactive Dinosaur.
D-Rex is a robotic, loveable dinosaur. He is a realistic dinosaur pet, with his sensors, reptilian-like skin, and behavior! D-Rex will follow the sound of your voice, roar, chomp, make noises, and walk. You can also put him in his roaring guard mode. Inn roaring guard mode, he will protect your room whenever you need him to! You can you can program him to perform up to 30 actions, and it will seem like you are teaching your pet dinosaur some new tricks! Hey, who says you can’t teach an old dinosaur new tricks?

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table – Pink.
The LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table will provide your little one with a world musical, learning, discovering, and fun! As they learn and play with the musical activities of this toy, it will help to provide auditory and visual stimulation, along with motor skill developmen. This toy table from LeapFrog will teach your little one various subjects, including the alphabet, colors, and opposites! This toy is designed for children ages six months to three years.

LeapFrog Tag Reading System (Pink) (32 MB).
This touch reading system urges your child’s love of reading by bringing stories to life! Touch the Tag Reader to the pages; touching the words to make them talk, and the pictures to make them live out loud and sing. The Tag library has over 30 books and games, which are based on children’s movies, TVs, and even classic tales. To use it, use the USB cable included to connect your Tag Reader to your computer and download the audio for your Tag Books. Then, drag-and-drop up to 10 stories onto the Tag Reader. You can also create a free LeapFrog Learning Path at to share your child’s accomplishments and more. With the Tag Reader, you can provide a fun experience for every young reader!

Live Butterfly Garden.
With this reusable, collapsible habitat, you can actually witness one of nature’s most amazing transformations – a caterpillar turning into a butterfly! The habitat has a transparent mesh, so you can actually see the butterfly’s metamorphosis up close. The Live Butterfly Garden also includes instructions for the habitat, including an easy-to-use feeder. The Butterfly larvae with food are available all year around, and will be directly shipped to your house. Adopt and raise a few caterpillars, and watch them turn into beautiful butterflies! Once they turn into butterflies, you can life the garden cover to release these butterflies into nature. When you are not using it, the habitat can collapses for easy storage. This amazing habitat is great for learning, discovering, and witnessing one of nature’s little miracles!

Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur.
With Kota The Triceratops Dinosaur, your child’s prehistoric dinosaur friend, our they can use their imagination and go on adventures. This life-like baby dinosaur makes sound effects, which includes munches, roars, stomps, and even music. Kota can also move his head and tail, and even blink his eyes. Children 60 pounds and lighter can also sit on top of Kota to bounce.

Webkinz Guinea Pig.
This awesome plush Webkinz Guinea Pig is great for any child who loves stuffed animals and animal toys! Look on the tag of your Webkins for the secret code. Log online with that secret code and play games and take care of him. Earn virtual money online to buy more virtual items for your Webkinz Guinea Pig (or any other Webkinz you may earn)!

With these different top toys and gifts ideas, you will be able to pick out a toy or gift to fit your loved one’s interests. I hope this list helps to make your present shopping a little easier, and that your family or friends enjoy their gifts!
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