Disadvantages To Homeschooling

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Over the past two decades homeschooling has grown in popularity.  According to the U.S. Department of Education, there are now 2 million homeschool families in the U.S.A.  If you are thinking about homeschooling your children, you should know that there are some definite some drawbacks, such as:

·           You can clearly see how homeschooling will be less stressful for your children.  However, what you may not see is how stressful it can be for you as their parent.  This is because it means that you will have to do more work as you act as the teacher, counselor and mentor.  As such, you will have to plan and organize all of your children’s lessons and field trips.  This will become even more difficult if you have several children who are all in different grades.

·           You are not going to have a lot of time for yourself.  In fact, the only real time that you will have away from your children is whenever they are at their various activities that take place outside of the home.  Even at these times you may still have at least one of your children with you.  Plus, if you are not careful with the way in which you design your children’s schedule, you will actually find that you spend more time in the car, running from one activity to another, then you do at home doing homeschool.

·           There are going to be people who simply will not approve of your choice to homeschool your children.  This may simply be because they do not understand why you have chosen to homeschool in the first place.  You will also find that there are some people who will question whether or not you are actually doing what is best for your child.  Even if you don’t care what these people say or think about your choice to homeschool your children, you will find that it can grow tiring to continually be hearing these things.

These are just some of the numerous disadvantages that you will encounter on your way to deciding whether or not you wish to homeschool your children.  While you will need to take some time to work through all of these things if you are set on homeschooling your children, they are still worth thinking about so that you can see how homeschooling will fit in with your family.  In the end you may be surprised by what a blessing homeschooling your children can actually be and how these things really don’t matter much at all.


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