Ideal City: Living And Reigning With The Messiah

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A full scale nuclear exchange, lasting less than 60 minutes…could wipe out more than 300 million Americans, Europeans, and Russians, as well as untold numbers elsewhere. And the survivors–as Chairman Khrushchev warned the Communist Chinese, `the survivors would envy the dead.’ For they would inherit a world so devastated by explosions and poison and fire that today we cannot conceive of its horrors.”
-President John F. Kennedy, address to the nation on the Limited Test Ban Treaty, 26 July 1963


Dear friends!

Our tombs won’t report

How the clay melts fiercely.

People are sovereign, not nuclear weapon

 Guided by the Will of human race

By the Will of the common people

By the Will of the Messiah

Power is never arbitrary, coercive

This alone is universal reason

This alone is new God

This alone is our Lord

Who won’t allow Satan swallow our planet

Extinction of human race


But who will control the unpredictable

Who will burn candle in the dark?

Only our Messiah, holistic prophets

And sage poets who live in fire

      Decipher light forms and signs of the Second Coming

To destroy nuclear shark


If a fascist doesn’t kill others,

He will kill himself

The word ‘fascist’ tolls me back

To an Ideal City

Where the people have primary benevolent impulses

Where the people have human heart

Natural affection for home, mother and sweetheart

And instinct to give and share

Where inviolable Ten Commandments are obeyed

Whoever opposes Virtue is a traitor

Whoever criticizes Virtue is a suspect


Ideal City

Where Virtue is the foundation

Where doing good is the only revolution

Where all nuclear weapons are destroyed

Where we build structure of Freedom

Where life’s preservation is the greatest value

This is not T.S Eliot’s unreal city

This is the City of the Most High God Jehovah

This is the City of humanity

Not for skeptics and nihilists

This is the City of the Faithful

This is not a city of cynical revolutions

Which justify all crimes and wars.

This is a new City of  Nonviolence


This is what we need

Institutions of theosophy and pacifism

Higher evolution of human beings

Advent of mysticism

Imitation of Jesus and Buddha

And Zen our soothing medicine

Ideal City

Here the question is ‘How to Live’, not ‘Why Live?’

Devil here suffers continuous defeats

Our fate is not decided by Nuclear Powers

Philosophers and Poets rule here

And ponder over nuclear war insanity

‘Live and let live’ is the eternal value.


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