Look Pretty: Diy, Upcycle And Recycle Clothes, Shoes, Jewellery And Embelishments

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Make a lovely skirt covered with fabric flowers.
I love the result! A very stylish and cute skirt.
You can see also a dress made with the the same technique at the artist blog : http://starsforstreetlights.blogspot.com/2009/08/fendi-inspired-flower-dress.html


Refashion: Turn long-sleeved turtle neck into ruffled t-shirt and headband
A great idea to buy a cheap shirt and turn it into a nice one or for a wardrobe refashioning


Circular Vest
Awesome, stylish and easy to do. It takes only about an hour to do it. I also recomemnd to read the comments where you can find additional ideas and details.

Fringe Skirt
make a fun fringy skirt that flicks when you move your hips.
The shirt is easy to do and well explained, but one of the things Iloved was the humor of the post with the funny animated image.
For more inspiration, take a look at a similar skirt on Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/listing/46759938/custom-jersey-fringe-bandage-skirt). Instead of loose ends u fold the fabric and then cut.

OutsaPop Trashion DIY fashion
I picked the 3 following tutorials from OutsaPop Flickr account. There’s more from her that deserve to be be seen because they are not only beautiful but very original. You can also see much more great fashion ideas on her blog: http://www.outsapop.com/

Lightning knitwear reconstruction
a nice project for secondhand sweaters that are easy to sew with a sewingmachine and a suitable material for beginners.

OutsaPop Trashion DIY sweater cape jacket tutorial
another great reconstruction project, made with secondhand sweaters. I do love this patchwork jacket that you can make in any colors you like and that looks easy to do.

T-shirt shredding tutorial
The effect is fantastic and you can see a lot of exemples that may inspire you. They are also secondhand stripe t-shirts and the shredding tutorial has two videos so you can understand better the process how the unraveling is done.

jersey strips decorated dresses
The Style Bubble is an awesome blog with lot´s of exotic fashion ideas. Have a look of other blog posts and be amazed with the criative projects you can find. Some of them are pretty easy to follow and really brilliant. Sometimes the artist gets the ideas in other designers projects but transforms them in her own way, creating unique pieces made with cheap materials and secondhand clothes.

Jeans to Vest
super cute and it looks really simple too! The tutorial and pictures are great.

No Sew Dangerous Skirt and Top
a tutorial on how to make a skirt and top with no sewing necessary, just scissors!
Be careful of every little hole thats made, cotton tears are easily, if you wanna stay with no sewing, even a drop of superglue around each hole would help to get the holes from tearing and is also washable and will stay.

How to Make a Skirt in 30 Seconds!
A cool idea for an instant skirt. It’s not my prefered project here but I thought it was a very creative one.

T Shirt Shrug. How romantic!
Love this, cause it requires no pattern, and can be embellished or left plain. Very simple and innovative, it’s great!
Take also a look at the overwhelming number of versions people have made. You can see them scrolling down the post.


Necktie Feathers Pressing Tutorial
Fantastic…great way to recycle ties.
I’ve seen a few different items of clothing made from ties before, but this is probably the only one that is genuinely stylish and beautiful. I love it, very inspirational.

Fabric carnation tutorial
Making these carnations is quite simple and rewarding

Starmoss: Doo.Ri Tights
What you’ll need: Patterend lace tights (or leggings), very thin needle, thread, scissors, and a set of beads varying from sizes to colours to shapes.
These are amazing. the beading looks like some kind of magical sparkly moss growing on legs!

How To-sday – Wooden Branch Buttons
Great idea for decorating gift packaging, jewelry, and all kinds of things.


these boots were made for knitting
I thought it was a pretty cool idea to knitt boots! You can see another nice knitted boots on http://whitecorolla.com/wordpress/?p=199

Last Minute Fixes
Sometimes is so simple to transform common shoes into stylish ones! A great and easy project!

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Diy
Another cool and creative way to customize a pair of shoes



How To: Create Can Jewelry
a step by step description of the process involved in making a few types of can jewelry.

Bold Fabric Rings
Fit your rings with every clothing piece
What you’ll need: Adjustable ring findings, scraps of fabric, medium weight fusible interfacing, needle and thread, optional coverable button, Modge Podge

Heart within a heart tutorial
A cute piece of colored wire jewellery



Zipper Earrings
Zippers are popular right now! There are lot’s of zipper jewellery you can find around the net. I thought these earings were sweet and easy to do with destroyed zippers.

Freeform Multibead Wire Ring
The beauty you could produce with a little patience and imagination

How To Bead
Featuring Free Bead projects and Arts and Craft Project here, including Free beaded pattern, instruction, project for Adults, Teens, Kid and the whole family.

Upcycled Necklace
The best thing about this project is that by my estimation you could make at least a dozen roses out of one scarf!


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